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This collection of short games has you solve puzzles, experience poetic short stories, explore brutalist structures, find the remains of a fallen civilization and tickle your brain with expressionist audiovisual sensations...

  • Most maps made for Map Labs competitions
  • Two unreleased maps!
  • Bonus: also play the less amazing entries for One Hour Game Jam

Games included:



A short surreal puzzle adventure. You backtrack through a dreamy, mysterious retro-pixelated office...

rooms collapse inwards upon themselves. Broken, haunting, brilliant stuff.
RockPaperShotgun, Natalie Clayton

Developed in 4 days for Map Labs #9 - Back on Track, patched for Gamescom 2022 and PLAY!con.

- An interactive exhibition and two short stories

In Memory of Humanitea

A satirical exhibition about the extinct homo sapiens.

Created for Map Labs Test Tube #8 - Eye Candy.

Don't talk about it

This level is about...

Created for Map Labs #8 - Companion Piece 2.


A stroll through memories of your ending life.

Sequel to Don't talk about it.


You just moved in, get to furnishing. An interactive short about moving in.

Featuring lots of cool jazz music by Thomas Brach and Nils Wogram. Created for Map Labs Test Tube #4 - 1,000,000,000 Units.


Someone disappeared, you forgot their name. Time to move on. An interactive short about moving out, inspired by the song Youth by Daughter.

Winner entry for Map Labs Atom #4 - TUNE.

- brutalism, backrooms, a puzzle, and psychedelica


A vast brutalist megastructure, some architectural remains reminiscent of human stairs or hallways, and in-between, she limped between walls...

what we left behind

Alone in strange architecture. A short walking simulator playing with aspect ratio.

Created for the Map Labs Test Tube #7 - CromulentVille 2.


An abstract brutalist platformer with blades.

Created for the Map Labs Atom #1 - Blade in a single day.

do NOT touch a moving chair

or you might end up in the Backrooms... A short backrooms exploration using Portal 1s empty offices. Very liminal space, much Kenopsia.


A stroll across floors, walls, ceilings, and in-betweens.

Winner entry for Map Labs Test Tube #5 - Blockout.

Brain Activitea

Shards of colour paint themselves upon the void
RockPaperShotgun, Natalie Clayton

Created for Map Labs Test Tube #8 - Eye Candy.

- Quick and dirty maps made in 1 day or hour.

The Collector

It's really just collecting bones. Made for the 309th One Hour Game Jam.


this map has you truly face the reality of elevator travel in the modern age

A fine fragrance of hotel lifts. made for Map Labs Atom #6 - ElevatorVille 2.

Tune In Tonight

A Performance of Noveltea by the talented, virtuous Pianist and Artist Jacob Arctoitea. Made for Map Labs Atom #4 - TUNE.

You can jump

A platformer with the theme of 'Poorly Programmed Gravity 2'. Made for the 256th One Hour Game Jam.


A platformer with the theme of 'Floating Islands'. Made for the 236th One Hour Game Jam.


oooooooo. Created for Map Labs Atom #2 - ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.



This is a shortened list, see the full credits ingame.

in loving memory of Holly L.

This is a free mod, but you can donate below(non-commercial). You do not gain anything from donating, except for the warm feeling of having supported me :)


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  2. Execute the file and follow the instructions.
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.7z (manual)

  1. Make sure you have Steam installed. Install Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer (steam://rungameid/243730).
  2. Find Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer in your Steam library, right click on it and under Properties > Betas, select upcoming.
  3. Unpack the contents of the 7zip-file and move them into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods folder (depends where your Steam is located).
  4. Restart Steam and look for "Extended Playabilitea" in your Libary


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Very nice, glad to see the source engine being used in creative ways to this day.

thank u <3

I've only dipped into the first two bits but the spaces to explore were very enjoyable, especially winding back on themselves and re-orienting spaces differently. Looking forward to poking around more!

(1 edit) (+1)

thank u!! I'll give you a slight warning, the quality of the level declines (mainly 'seconds' are really low-effort for short competitions), it's best-work-first. I hope you still enjoy them! ^^

Thanks, it was really relaxing and something I really needed for my mood


Very nice collection of maps, a pleasant range of different emotions that these transmit

💕 thank u