3 weeks, 100 downloads

Technically 137 downloads, if you include the moddb mirror. Here's a few more stats.

55% prefer the 7zip download over the exe.

Main influx comes from

  • twitter (*)
  • itch.io itself
  • the moddb mirror
  • a few from indiegamesplus.com "trailer tuesday" (thanks!)
  • very few from insta

(*) I've been trying to post a promotional screenshot tweet every other day or so - every day I did there was at least 1 download

There have been 2 no-commentary youtube playthroughs (1:05-1:15 duration) and a friend streamed a bit of it on twitch.

It's in 33 collections, I assume mostly for "play later", and got 2 ratings (I guess rating isn't very encouraged on itch.io).

I got 7 donations, thanks so much :)

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